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Monday, December 24, 2007

Reading in a global context

Writing to one of her many correspondents in September, 1937, the English author and scholar Evelyn Underhill notes:

“I feel the regular, steady, docile practice of corporate worship is of the utmost importance for the building-up of your spiritual life: more important, really, than the reading of advanced books . . . No amount of solitary reading makes up for humble immersion in the life and worship of the Church . . . In fact the books are only addressed to those who are taking part in that life. The corporate and the personal together make up the Christian ideal.”

(Letter to A.B. quoted in The Letters of Evelyn Underhill, edited with an introduction by Charles Williams, Christian Classics, Westminster, MD, 1989, page 261.)

While our reading is an important and useful spiritual discipline, it becomes even more relevant when we read and reflect within the broader contexts in which we live—our local church community, our town or city, state, nation, and yes, our international, global community.

As I begin this blog, I plan to share occasional readings and reflections for those who identify with the perspective and context that Evelyn Underhill’s letter to a friend suggested just 70 short years ago.


melody said...

Well dad, I'm thrilled to see you've joined the blogger community and that you're willing to share it with us all. I look forward to reading this. Love you!

Bern said...

Thanks, daughter! You are the first to comment and I appreciate your feedback. Love to you!!! Dad.